Features under development in this section come preinstalled on the Djongo Webserver. Visit the support page for more information.

Features supported in Djongo server are not a part of the standard Djongo package. Visit the [support page][support_page] for more information.

Djongo server is a Django and MongoDB server for full featured database usage. It provides many features of MongoDB enabled through Django. It comes with support for:


Support for all indexes provided by MongoDB, for example 2dSphere Index, Text Index and Compound Indexes.

Model Query

Support for GeoSpatial Queries and Tailable Cursors.

Model Update

Unordered and Ordered Bulk Writes.

Database Transactions

Atomic multi document transactions with commit and rollback support.

Schema Validation and Model Creation

Automatic JSON Schema validation document generation and options to add Read and Write Concerns for the Models.

Aggregation Operators

Support for various aggregation operators provided by MongoDB.